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AICUF Investiture And AICUF Activities

AICUF Investiture And AICUF Activities

The first test for both 1st and 2nd year PU resumed on 14th July and went on until 16th July. The test was for 25marks for 1st PU and 50 marks for 2nd PU. The 19th July, the AICUF members were sent to the leadership camb conducted in and by St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. The inaugural ceremony of the AICUF Union was on 25th July, which was graced by Rev Fr. Joseph, OFM and Sr. Louisa Sebastine, put the slashes on the Union Members and blessed them.

As a catholic institution, the core value of Catholicism to pay homage to our dear mother was inculcated in catholic students by giving an opportunity from them to observe novena during the break time. They came together from 1st to 7th September, praying rosary offering for the well-being of different people and various intentions. The AICUF co-coordinators with its union organized and conducted this. On September 9th, the AICUF Union conducted various competitions like Quiz, collage, and versification. Many students enthusiastically participated in these events and won prizes.

Amidst the hustle bustle of academics, the college also provided a platform to engage in service towards humanity. Various visits were made to places where our service was most needed. Centers like Gerizim, a home for intellectually challenged children, Bosco Mane, a center for street children, Shishu Bhavan, a home for the differently abled, Kidwai, a rehabilitation center for Cancer Patients, Little Sisters of the poor, an old age home, Enable India, a home for the visually challenged children were visited and required service was rendered.

AICUF unit and Rotaract members in collaboration rendered their wholehearted support in Anna Dhana programme organized by St. Antony’s friary Church by serving food for the poor and hungry everyday with a smile on their face and love for service in their heart.

A group of students attended ‘Magis’ camp conducted by the Jesuit fathers. It was an event, which brought all young Christian students together and emphasized to them the importance of staying in communion with our lord and express God’s love through their actions. Students who were a part of this event were truly inspired and came out as transformed individuals with renewed faith and joy.

A Eucharistic celebration on 7th November assisted by Rev Fr Mac Donald Fernandez, assistant parish priest of St. Patricks Church marked the beginning of our journey with the Lord for the rest of the year.

AICUF unit organized Units to bring together all the AICUFers and provided them a chance to work together and dwell deep in the valves of this unit. Competitions like AICUF quiz, versification and Collage was conducted. This was organized with an aim to unite all AICUFers and make them realize the joy of working together.