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AICUF Report

AICUF Report

“God loves a cheerful giver”, to see the best in people, a heart that is compassionate and soul that never looses faith in God. Jyoti Nivas Pre -University College an abode of knowledge and light, having given an opportunity to serve humanity through AICUF unit, AICUF- All India catholic university federation started its journey for the year 2014-15 with the inaugural mass on 20th of June. The theme for the mass was “give thanks to the lord for He is good”, was celebrated with the divine assistance of Fr. Praveen D’Souza, from St. Antony’s friary. He invoked God’s blessings and presence to make our year ahead fruitful.

“Many are called, but some are chosen’’; on 27th of June 2014 the zeal of Jyoti Nivites to serve AICUF unit was witnessed by catholic teachers. After a lot of speculations, the following students were elected to be a Part of the AICUF unit for the academic year 2014-2015. President Mona Arathi Epsibha of II SEBA ‘A’, Vicepresident Shreya Cutinho of II SEBA ‘B’, Secretary Immaculate Priyadarshini of II HESP, Assistant Secretary Shruthi of II SEBA ‘C’, Treasurer Cecilia of II PCMB ‘D’; took a solemn oath. Thereby shouldering the responsibility of leading AICUF unit of this prestigious institute along with young and energetic teachers Mrs.Prescilla Cutinho as the coordinator, Ms. Preethi Noronha, Ms. Serin Francis, Mrs. Jayspreetha, Mrs. Smitha and Thus Jyoti Nivas Pre-University College AICUF unit of the academic year 2014 was formed and ready to take up their responsibility to serve humanity. Retreat for all the catholic students for the year 2014-15 was held on 8th and 9th of August along with Jyoti Nivas Autonomous degree college with the theme: ‘deepening our relationship with Jesus’. We had an eloquent Redemptorist priest: Fr. Xavier Sanjeevini along with his team. They emphasized on trends in the modern world,our perception of God and prayer.‘True life begins in the presence of God’. Confession and adoration added to the purity of soul, mind and body. All the students were gifted with a Bible and a rosary to put into action, our devotion in Mother Mary. Overall the retreat was conducted to get closer to Jesus and deepen our relationship with God which saw its success.

As a part of building devotion to mother Mary in the first week of September rosary was recited for various intentions and on September 8th on her birthday, she was venerated in a worthy manner. September 9th UNITUS- AICUFers gathering: a platform for both first and second PU students to interact and present their talent was initiated by the union members with three interesting activities: Versification, collage and Bible quiz. In Versification the best three were chosen and awarded, for collage the topic was ‘women empowerment’ and the AICUF quiz was conducted to make its members more aware of AICUF and its purpose. Study material was provided, to make, students enthusiastic in participating. The aim of the program was to bring the first and second years AICUFers together, which turned out to be a pleasant success. After the Dushera vacation, the College reopening was marked with the Holy mass that was celebrated on the theme of: reconciliation, by Fr Mac Donald, the assistant Parish Priest of St. Patricks.

A Rally on Women Empowerment and protection of girl children was organized on 28th of September. Slogans like ‘make peace stop violence’, ‘respect women like religion’ were the cry of 120 energetic young women of our college. The Bible quiz for the year 2014 was conducted on 29th of October. All Christian students participated. 150 students in group of three were divided for the quiz. Even teachers were rattling their brains to find answers. Both students and teachers were given recognition for the same. December 1st was the world AIDS day celebration – an assembly was conducted in an apt manner with the theme ‘Reaching to zero’. An eminent speaker Mr. Albert inspired all young minds by sharing inspiring testimonials which literally brought tears in peoples’ eye. ‘Anna dhana’ is to feed the poor and hungry with a meal. It is a service rendered by St. Antonys friary; a great source of an outreach program, where our students everyday go and serve food to the needy with a smile on their face and love for the poor in heart.
To keep students in touch with the realities of the world along with teachers, various visits were organised. Some of the institutes visited were as follows: Home for the aged run by Little Sisters of the Poor, ‘Geruzim’ a home of hope for differently abled, ‘Shishubhavana’ home for orphans, ‘Kidwai hospital’ a rehabilitation abode for cancer patients.

Spirit of Christmas was spread around the campus with the help of AICUF unit through various activities like Carols, Christmas decoration competitions, flash mob, and Santa Clause around the corner. Everyday all the Jyoti Nivites were encouraged to engage in a good deed to spread the joy of Christmas.. Christmas is the time to show our togetherness with all. Reaching out to all, to show our love to all, irrespective of caste creed and Religion. In the beginning was the word and word was with God and the word was God. ‘Well began is half done’. That which is begun with the Lord is fully done. Thanks to all who had been a part of AICUF to make this journey an enriching one. .
Prescilla Cutinho