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Choir Report

Choir Report

“Music is the key to your soul”. How many times have you heard a song and then suddenly transported to the place where you first heard it or shared it with another person? A musical melody can trigger thoughts and memories of a favorite place or event. Music joins people together in a unique and lasting way.

The Jyoti Nivas Pre-University Choir consisting of 25 students, under the guidance of their choir coordinator Ms. Preethi Noronha and choir conductor Mr. Jeswil Nishant have been instrumental in producing good music with their enthralling performances within the college for various masses and for the fest ‘Artemis’. They have also performed in concerts such as the ‘25th Festival of Harmony’ organized by ‘Glorious’ held at Bishop Cotton Girls High School, ‘Magnaficat’ held by Christ College and ‘Leaura’ held by the Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous.

Western Acoustic Team

The Jyoti Nivas Pre University Western Acoustic team is an Acapella team comprising of six studentsCassandra Naomi David, Wipatrailiu Ringkangmai, Santoshi Sneha Tadanki, Zita Janice Rodricks, Shreya Shetty and Samantha Judith Benjamin.

It all started with auditions when each one of them walked into the chapel not knowing about their talent, but when they were a part of the Acapella team they realized their God given talent and were surprised and are grateful till date . They had lots of ups and downs but never did they let that stand in the way of their success. Popularly known as “The Noted”, the team has performed at various fests securing the first place in ‘Magnachrista’ held by Christ college, ‘El Shaddai’ held by the Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous,‘Esplendida’ held by Mount Carmel College, ‘Equinox’ held by St. Josephs Boys Pre University College and secured the second place in ‘Phenomenon’ held by St. Joseph’s Boys High School . They have even participated in two gospel fests such as ‘Exodus’ and ‘El-Shaddai’ held by St Joseph’s Boys Pre University and Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous respectively
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