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Cultural Report

Cultural Report

Good morning and a very warm welcome to our respected Principal, Sr. Louisa Sebastin, Chief Guest Mr. Vijaysurya, respected dignitaries, teachers, my dear friends and student from other schools and colleges. Today the 19th of September 2014, is a very special day for our college. It is the beginning of our annual cultural fest that we conduct here at Jyoti Nivas Pre-University College. Artemis is the Greek goddess of Hunting the moon, archery dance and music. Symbolizing a woman of valour strength and skill, we have chosen Artemis as the name of our fest. Artemis is an inter collegiate cultural fest where we invite students from various schools and colleges across Bangalore to compete in our cultural events. We provide the students a platform to showcase their different talents and skills. Here at Artemis, our tag line “Laoreet Talenta”, meaning “Plethora of Talents” states, talent across the city comes together in abundance. I, along with my fellow Union members- Sampriya our President, Sarah Vice president, Krithik Treasurer and Naganethra Sports Secretary, have been working long hours towards the success of our fest. Although there were a lot of obstacles along the way, we overcame them and worked well together as a united, enthusiastic group and not to mention, extremely creative union I must not forget to include our incredibly amazing Union advisors in my speech, Mrs. Savitha Valsang and Mrs. Zaina Abraham. This fest would not have been possible without you two teachers. You two have been with us through it all and have supported us through everything. Thank you teachers. A big thank you to the Commerce Club, AICUF and Rotaract union members for all the hard work you have put in towards the success of Artemis.

A special mention about all the volunteers who have taken up responsibilities for the two days. I am sure it is going to be very eventful. I would like to thank our ever motivating Principal, Sr. Louisa Sebastian for giving me an opportunity to be a part of the College Union, and for helping the student Council of 2014 to organize the grand and much awaited event in Bangalore, Artemis 2014! Thank you sister for your love and support, and your constant encouragement. We have also been helped greatly by the sponsors whom we have invited to be a part of the fest. They have put up food and merchandise stalls, have sponsored for events and given Gift vouchers.

They have contributed immensely towards organizing Artemis. Our sincere gratitude to the teams of Innsology without whom the arrangements for the fest would not have been complete. The team Innsology brought us our guests DJ Zaeden and the Band, One Night Stand. The concept of ERA Campus was given by them for the fest. A big thank you to team Innsology. This year we have added a couple of new features to Artemis. We added a new event, i.e., Street Dance to our list for the very first time! And along with that comes a surprise. A wall graffiti which I had been imagining to do for a very long time now has actually become a dream come true. I would like to thank the institution of Jyoti Nivas for giving me and the outstanding art committee this breath taking opportunity. A huge heart felt thank you to all the art committee members. Without you guys, this fest would not have been this fun filled and amazing.

We are sure that Artemis 2014 is going to be a grand success with all the blood sweat and tears shed by everyone who is a part of the Jyoti Nivas family. Our hard work and efforts will absolutely pay off. Thank you and have an amazing two days!

Madhuri Subbarao
Cultural Secretary