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Cultural Secretary’s Report

Cultural Secretary’s Report

Tania Liza Ninan

As I look back at the years gone by, I remember all the wonderful memories I will hold as we leave. I am so honoured to have been Jyoti Nivas Pu college’s Coltural Secretary of 2012-13. It brings me great joy to have had an opportunity to work with my fellow union members in achieving a great deal of experience, fun and most importantly a sign of duty. I’ve always known that wisdom is in the determined job – seeker, who shares his strengths with his equals and who writes his name in the sand. Without that ability, he cannot lead.

I, Tania Liza Ninan of II PCMB “C” got elected as Cultural Secretary. It’s not everyday someone experiences a very big change from “The carefree junior we saw in our first year who has now become a senior learning to survive what would come ahead as a union member.” But I was never willing to Back down. The first awaited event that the union handled was the Freshie queen Contest which aimed at getting a better glimpse of the personalities of the newly joined fresh faces. I have to add it was very amusing to see how scared they were to confront us. Our as I’d like to convince myself the fear was brought out because of our theme “Horror”. But we made sure that they had nothing to fear because the first impressions are the last impressions. Their performances were mind blowing. It was wonderful to see how determined they every student had a good time. Nanditha was crowned Freshine Queen and Mamtha was crowned Freshine Princess. Seeing the smile on their faces gave me a moment of happiness as well. After all, my aim was to help each and everyone help themselves. The hard work put in by the Art committee for the theme made it scary indeed and was well decorated in the auditorium with neon paints and scary tombs. We made all the juniors smile at the end of it all and they showcased their awesome talents which I’m still so proud to see.

Parigna , which was held throughout the year gave everyone a series of entertainment and fun every week. It was an inter department fest where all the students could showcase their talents in various subjects. It gave the students a great deal of knowledge just by entertainment and creativity. Music, art, dance, mental ability, speech, spirituality, were showcased all round the year which enabled students to be culturally very active.

And finally, the event we were all waiting for was ARTEMIS. I am very proud to say that it was one of the Best inter – collegiate fests in Bangalore last year. Interviews were taken to get a glimpse of what made it so great. I had only good things to say. It was a huge task for the Union. We put in a lot of time into making this event huge. We even had our media sponsors Radio Indigo to give shout outs about Artemis. It was indeed a lot of fun handling it all our union this year believed in each other. We stuck together and we didn’t let anything shake us. We invited many colleges and schools and we were so happy with the turn out on both days because we had India’s best DJ – DJ lvan, and also one of the most popularbands, Eccentric Pendulum play at our fest. We also did the first ever PU college Flash mob which was exceptionally fun. But we owe the success of it all to the The Art committee, The Western dance team, The Western Acoustic team, The Indian dance team, The Drama team, the volunteers and most importantly the Student Advisors who helped a great deal in guiding the union members in the right path and in making decisions. We, the union could have never managed to put up this event without each and every students help. The fest brought our unity in everyone and bound us together. Participants from various colleges gave us good feedback and also had a blast. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Our college took part in other intercollegiate fests and won numerous prizes. For that, I appreciate each and every student who took part and I hope that they will use it as a turning point to achieve much greater things in life. I also owe a deep gratitude in thanking our beloved Principal Sister Louisa for imbibing the much needed advice in us to be who we are today. She has been our strength and support throughout the year. The fond memories of my experience in the various fests and cultural activities cannot be expressed in words.

I am so honoured to be a part of JNC. It has been tremendously productive for me. And I take it as a learning experience. One thing I have definitely learnt is to raise my head and look at the vast opportunities, it’s size which I sometimes might have mistook when I had felt insignificant compared to it’s great expanse. What difference could I make? Well, I was given this chance as Cultural Secretary to MAKE a difference and I realized that all I have to do is listen to every student’s call, the things they wanted to achieve, the talents that would make them great someday. They come from deep inside of them. It’s a will to spread their wings. I hope I have succeeded in never making them doubt themselves in doing what they are passionate about because a few years from now it wont matter how many games you’ve won or how popular you were but if you make life a little better for atleast one other person, that’s what will be remembered. That’s what will matter and so the one thing I want to inscribe in whoever reads this is “If you only believe in yourself, you can make your dreams come true, because o one else can do it, the power must come from you.”
– Tania Liza Ninan
Cultural Secretary