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Indian Dance Team Report

Indian Dance Team Report

“Dancers are athletes of God,” said Albert Einstein.

Our country is a land with varied rich vibrant dance traditions. Today in India we can find about seven classical dance forms. Dance is the most emphatic form of art it helps people to get fid of their stress and other conflicting emotions.

Indian dance is a dance of grace, poise, beauty and expression. Our dance team consists of Varlakshmi, Kritika, Harshita, Priyanka, Sushmita and Shraddha. Our love and passion for dance has bound us together as a strong team. Dance is a part of our souls, we live and breathe dance. The team performs different forms of dance like classical, folk, contemporary and bollywood. The dance which we performed as a team has been a myriad of different types. Through our dance we portray various emotions like joy, pain, anger and love.

Each dance we performed we put in our best efforts to make it perfect. Practice sessions were definitely the best moments. Each of us would come up with different ideas and then decide which would go best with the beats of the song. Teasing each other, laughing at ourselves and screaming when things went wrong were a part of our practice. Not only did we evolve as better dancers but also learnt a lot by interacting with each other.

Mrs. Preethi k, Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi, our mentors have helped us at every step to make our dance perfevt. Bhagya ma’am has been a valuable mentor and Preethi ma’am herself an excellent dancer has been our guide. Their encouragement has given us ample energy to perform even better. We would like to thank them for their support and guidance. I would like to thank the college for giving us such a wonderful opportunity and the patronage extended to us.

Our journey as a team has been a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs. Though we had to balance academics and dance with very little time on our hands, our love for dance made the journey smooth. As we leave the portals of JNC, we wish our juniors the very best for the coming year and we take with us the wonderful memories which we will cherish throughout our lives.
– Shraddha Kamath