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Nexus Report

Nexus Report

Diving through the simplicity of life, fishing out complex human emotions and showering it with a feeling of light heartedness makes the audience wonder at how simple and alive life seem to be, this is what theatre is all about, The most relatable of all art forms, drama enlightens one about situational emotions through its exaggeration while managing to retain a ‘feel-good’ quotient in a world where everyone feels trapped by a complicated web of demanding relationships.

This is what the Nexus Drama club of our college has also aimed at achieving for several years. We are a team of sixteen passionate, ardent and emotional people who love to bridge the gap between diverse cultures, traditions and transporting them to a vibrant and enthusiastic audience. Be it comedy, tragedy, romance, action or suspense, we have dabbled in all genres possible and made sure our audience never fell short of sitting on the edge of their seats with either tears or laughter as their constant companion.

This year we actively performed in most of our college’s noteworthy events. We cut the ribbons of our club on the Founder’s Day with a play that was devoted to remembering the history of the dedicated sisters of St. Joseph of Tarbes who had laid the foundation stones to our rock-solid institution. Next, we performed on Aids Day to bring forth awareness of HIV +ve patients who suffer mercilessly at the hands of an ignorant society that shuns them. To break the seriousness of these two plays, our last play-‘Chennai Express-Unloaded and reloaded’ was performed on the college day.

Our talents and the immense opportunities that followed them was not only limited to the college as we went on to perform at various inter collegiate fests like St. Joseph’s exodus in events like Icebreaker, Street play and Walk the Bible. We also won the third place at St. Joseph’s Equinox in the event movie spoof.
Our hearts fill with overwhelming gratitude for our NEXUS advisors, Ms. Vinita, Mrs Usha and Ms. Farha for all their valuable inputs, suggestions and patient guidance. Their scene to scene keen analysis during each rehearsal is what made us perform bravely.

On a parting note, the second year members of our team would like to thank all the teachers and especially our Principal St. Louisa for extending unconditional support by approving our efforts and appreciating our endeavours with love and kindness. We wish our juniors success and hope that they carry forward the legacy of Nexus which has and always been about ‘Connecting People’.
Shilpa. R