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Principal Report

Principal’s Report

Sr. Louisa Sebastian

On behalf of the sisters of Saint Joseph of Tarbes who have followed the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ, founded Jyoti Nivas Pre-University College and many other institutions to serve the society in diverse ways, I present before you the annual report of this institution for the academic year 2014-2015. Introspection on retrospection, overwhelms us, above all with a feeling of gratitude, experiences of grace, mercy and abiding love of the Almighty.
Therefore I begin quoting the Psalmist-

“I thank you Lord with all my heart I sing praises to you I face your holy temple, bow down and praise your name Because of your constant love and faithfulness You answered me when I called to you With your strength you strengthened me” (psalm 138: 1-3)

Distinguished Chief Guest Dr. Annadurai, Outstanding and renowned Scientist, Program Director Indian Remote Sensing Satellite, IRS & SSS and of CHANDRAYAN fame , Indian Space Research Organisation, satellite center, Sr. Sophie Frank/ Vice provincial Bangalore province and Newly elected general Councillor of our Society France, Sr. Rosaline Noronha Education Secretary Bangalore Province, Dr.Sr. Elizabeth Principal, JyotiNivas College Autonomous and Provincial Councilor Bangalore, Dr. Sr. Lalitha Director Post Graduate Courses, Sr. Rosarita Warden of Jyoti Nivas Hostel, Sisters Lavina D’souza and Swapna Jyoti Nivas composite library, Sisters Nathalia and Sajitha Pre-university College my other sisters from Jyoti Nivas community and other communities, Benefactor Mr. Chakraborthy, Dean New Horizon Educational institutions, other benefactors, parents, and my beloved staff and students.