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Sports Report 2014 – 2015

Sports Report 2014 – 2015

The Sports Department of Jyoti Nivas Pre-University began its sports activities of this academic year with the selection of students for the various disciplines such as Throw Ball, Volley ball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Athletics and Foot Ball. The selected students in each of the above disciplines practiced everyday under the guidance of the Physical Education Director, Dr. Sajan George and coaches in the specialized fields.

Our students participated in inter-collegiate sports tournaments conducted by the PU Board and other tournaments which brought laurels to the college. Many students represented the state in various sports tournaments.

This year we conducted inter-collegiate Hockey and Foot ball PU Board tournament in our college field. We also conducted an interclass Throw ball tournament.

The Sports Department organized sphygmus Juniors’ 2014 after a gap of three years The sphygmus Juniors’ was a big success attended by a huge crowd from various colleges. It began with an Inauguration by our Chief Guest Former Hockey Olympian Mr. Sabu Varkey and our Guest of Honour Mr. Viju Poonacha, Sports Editor, Prajavani and Sr. Josephine Hoover was the Guest of Honour for the closing ceremony

Inter Collegiate Sports Results
PU Board TournamentWinners
Sphygmus Juniors’ 2014Winners
Foot ball
PU Board TournamentRunners – Up
Christ College TournamentRunners – Up
Sphygmus Juniors’ 2014Winners
Volley ball
Christ College TournamentRunners – Up
Sphygmus Juniors’ 2014Runners – Up
Throw ball
Christ College TournamentRunners – Up
Sphygmus Juniors’ 2014Runners – Up
Basket ball
Sphygmus Juniors’ 2014Runners – Up
Inter Class Throw Ball Tournament
WinnersII PCMB ‘D’
Runners-upI PCMB ‘C’
Representations in District and State Level
Foot Ball
(a) DeepaliI SEBA ‘A’
(b) AnanyaII PCMB ‘B’
(c) Shruti GuravI PCME
(d) VarshaI PCMB ‘D’
(e) DelvinI SEBA ‘B’
(a) AnamikaII PCMB ‘B’
(b) JeevithaI SEBA ‘B’
(c) ShilpaII HESP
Foot Ball
(a) Monisha GowdaII HESP
(b) Rathna MI SEBA ‘B’
(c) PramodiniI SEBA ‘B’
(d) MadhurambikaII HEBA
(e) Monisha RI SEBA ‘A’
(f) Wafi ZaheraI HESP
(g) Akshara KalappaII SEBA ‘A’
(h) Pooja RI SEBA ‘C’
(i) ThanishaI PCMB ‘D’
Inter Collegiate Sports Results
Best Out going Sports WomanMonisha Gowda – II HESP