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Student President’s Report

Student President’s Report

Gold didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow Snow without rain.

But, he did promise a hand to hold us and light that will guide us, to walk the dark convoluted road of life. Good morning one and all. Let me give you an insight of, how our year went.

The student council members were elected early last June, It comprised of sports secretary: Sushmitha Vijaykumar, treasurer Anokhi A. Shah, cultural secretary Tania Liza Ninan, Vice president Sanchita CP and me: Veena Carmet, the president of Jyoti Nivas Pre – University College for the year 2012 – 2013.

The ability to see a light of hope through dark shrouding clouds of despair; To be able to laugh at oneself and other funny stimuli to break the growing tension. Scaling a ladder and making sure everyone gets there. Experience is what we call our mistakes, realizing the mistakes, the great slap of realization which creates scope for improvement.

A year that has certainly bestowed upon us the knowledge, tactics, leadership and much more.

The academic year brought in academics and extra – curricular activities to go on simultaneously in harmony.

The first even being ‘Freshie Queen’, and to recall the day, I would say that it surely went out with a ‘bang’. Watching the success grow in our hands we began to burst with confidence. According to economics, development isn’t everything, the ability to sustain it, is.

So then came our second event, teacher’s day where we felicitated our beloved sisters, teachers and support staff by giving them awards to express our gratitude to all of them the little wonders they work in our college life. They add the intricate detail and strength to the present day mould that we are.

Then came the ultimate event of the year ‘ARTEMIS’ 2012 – 2013. It was certainly not easy putting up an inter collegiate fest, having about 37 events spaced over two days and being host to about 20 colleges who were taking part. We managed to make all that happen successfully together with our principal Sr. Louisa, our student advisors, other teachers, the non – teaching faculty, volunteers and all the students who lent a helping hand.

We also took part in varios other inter – collegiate fests like scindi, Magnachrista, Exodus, Esplendia, Spohoorti, etc and managed to bag prizes too. We spread our little wherever we go.

The exciting trip to Goa one word for ‘FUN’. We thank all the organisers who organized a nice, safe trip for us.

Sports day was one day where all the classes came together to showcase their talent and where solidarity snowed through the colourful marchpast and many other events. That was a moment we could witness our entire college, coming together and working for the grand success of sports day, memory is a diary that we all carry with us and Jyoti Nivas has managed to imprint many found memories in our mind. A dairy we will carry with us throughout our life wherever we may go.

We wish to thank all students for all their co – operation, help, and active participation in all the events during the participation in all the events during the past year. Without you guys, we are like fish out of water.

We wish to thank our principal Sr. Louisa for her constant support our student advisors Mrs Shinitha Jose, Miss Vinita David and Mrs Vrinda Shetty for being our pillar of support and all the teaching and non – teaching staff for helping us in every way possible.

I acknowledge my co – union members Sanchita who always kept the cool, the always diligent Anokhi, the strong Sushmitha and the sweet, Tania. You guys are my brothers.

Like I always say Jyoti Nivas is not only an institution it is a family.

We are asked to let our light shine and it does, we needn’t call for attention to its shining.

Lighthouses don’t fire canons to call attention to its shining

They just shine.
Veena Carmel