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Students President’s Report

Students President’s Report

It feels like just yesterday when I joined JNC, and time went by so fast that now we have almost reached the end of our journey in this college.

As we approach the end of this academic year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the almighty Lord for his abundant blessings and guidance from our principal, teachers, students, parents and our well wishers. These blessings and support helped us achieve a good year where we were able to learn how to truly “let our light shine”.

I was more than happy to come to know that I have been elected for the post of president. Without the support of my class and my close friends, my family and my class mentors I wouldn’t have been standing here in front of you and giving you this annual report. They knew I had the ability and qualities for the post of presidents and they encouraged me to stand for the same.

As a great personality once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Our first step this year was the election. Candidates from the 2nd year from all 3 steams ran for the elections. This year, out of 17 students who stood for the elections only 1 was chosen each for the post of Presidents, Vice President, and Cultural Secretary, Treasurer and Sports Secretary. We had to show our unique talents that could impress the students and to a make them believe in us and to help them to choose their future union. After that, on the next day the students would vote for whoever they thought was worthy and could make a good leader. After the voting, the candidates were taken to witness the counting where each one of us had the same feeling of excitement and at the same time we were also scared. To increase the thrill, we weren’t took won yet. But we were asked to wait till the Principal made the official announcement. We had to wait for a while which seemed like forever with not only butterflies, but the whole jungle in our stomachs. The nail biting wait made everyone react differently and some of us were so thrilled were to be announced and as the winner of each post was announced our hearts skipped a beat or two, proclaimimg lrene Ann Koshy as President, Lisa Mary George as Vice – President, Shamantha Manogaran as Cultural Secretary, guided by the student coordinators, Mrs. Shinitha Jose and Ms. Vinita Marigold David.

After a week, we had the Investiture ceremony where we took our oath to carry out our duties to the fullest and to keep the flag of our college flying high. We took ur oaths and got our chic star badges and sashes. When we change ‘I’ into ‘we’, even illness changes to wellness. We, as the Union had to face many tasks and work together as one unit to make the entire programme run smoothly and to make it a grand success. The first event we had to put up was “Freshie Queen”, where we held auditions to search for the fresher who would blow our minds away with their talents. Out of a hundred 1st PU students we chose around 30 contestants was asked to choose any of their favourite movie character and portray them on stage. Judging them was the popular DJ Jude Fernando, better known a Traffic Jude. Three Rounds of laughter and delight ensued as the contestants put up a brilliant show. Alfina Lobo, of 1st SEBA ‘C’ playing the character of Dhanush from the movie Pudkottai bagged the title of Freshine Queen 2013 and Madhuri Subbarao of 1st PCMB ‘B’ who played the character of Jim Carey in The Mask got the title of Freshine Princess.

After the success of Freshine Queen, we immediately started the work for our 2- day fest Artemis, during which, we had many other Intercollegiate fest like Dhwani where we won in many events like Western Dance, Western Acoustics, India Dance, Creative Writing, Photography, Wealth out of Waste, etc our very own Indian Dance Team, Western Dance Team and Western Acoustics Team, Nexus and the Choir. These very talented and blessed people took part enthusiastically in all the fests for their respective events and won in almost all the events they participated in. while working for Artemis, we also had to come across putting up a wonderful show for our esteemed teachers on Teacher’s Day. We, the union had thought of impressing the teachers by baking them cakes and cookies with ice and spice and everything nice and also making handmade flowers because we felt that this would be more meaningful and showed our love. We celebrated Teacher’s Day by putting up a program for our teachers which had dancing, singing, plays and even a fashion show!

After this, we returned to work for our fest, which was getting sponsors and getting stalls, making the posters and brochures, the passes and invites. Two weeks left for Artemis and everything was ready. The only thing left was to invite other colleges. We had to travel all around from one end to another to invite the colleges we know, from Indiranagar to Banashankari. To top it all, we even ended up on Mysore road thrice! We would get lost but thanks to technology we got our way. (I thank GPS! I remember once we got scared as to where we were because we saw a sign that said Bangalore 5 kms ahead. We thought “Oh no! We are lost what if our phones are on roaming?”)

But on the whole it was good experience, from which we learnt a lot. It helped us mould into more mature persons that could deal all the problems more confidently.

While working for our fest, the five of us became closer and closer. We shared everything with each other from a lip gloss to secrets! Even at times of doubt, we backed each other and were united through everything. Our union was blessed to have Mrs. Shinitha and Ms. Vinita as our advisors. They supported us and they were patient and never doubted our work. They believed in us and they were always there for us. But at times when they had to be serious and strict, we would understand. They would scold us whenever we did wrong and always took us in the right path. They were always there for us, through all our smiles and our tears.

In the beginning, I was kind of apprehensive if we would gel with the other union members. But slowly, we grew stronger in our friendship and they were always there for me when I needed a true friend. We would shout at each other and there were some fights but that made us come closer to each other. I had some of the shortcomings which they knew; yet were always there for me as the pillar of strength providing the shoulder to cry on. Thank you so much, guys! As we came closer to our main task “Artemis,” we prayed it would be a huge success and that our hand work would not go to a waste. The final day had come! Artemis was finally here! The chief guest was the very famous Kannada Actress, Mrs. Priyanka Upendra and Music Director, Mr. Monohar. Around 40 colleges participated in various events and there was a lot of crowd and everyone enjoyed here. Special performances by DJ Rohit Barker on Day 1 and the band, Slain on Day 2 attracted more crowd and increased the thrill and enjoyment. Day 1 had many interesting events such as Ice Breaker, Mock Rock, Movie Spoof, India Dance, war of the DJs and so on. Day 2 had in store for the participants events like Air Crash, 30 Seconds To Frame, Personality, Jam, Electric Heels, Western Dance, Mad Ads, Western Acoustics, Beat Boxers Bout, Battle Of The Bands, etc.

The two day fest which was held on 13th and 14th of September 2013 was a huge success and all the hard work that everyone put in had finally paid off.

Our college also participated in various other fests such as Magnachrista, Vismaya, Srusti, Nutriswaad, Exodus, Esplendida, Phenomenon, sychronise, Mistletoe, Zyphrus, and many more where the students actively participated in most of the events thereby exposing them to various competitions and helping them in building their confidence and we won many prizes. But that’s not all; there were many more events in store for all the Jyoti Nivities after the fest like Parigna, our Intra College comprtition, where each department of each subject put up various events for the students to taken part in.

Right after Parigna, was our food carnival, where each class prepared some dish and set up stalls for games as well where they collected money that would be going for charity. The class that collected the most had been awarded a prize.

How can one forget Children’s day, when our teachers put up a really breathtaking and awesome program, where the teachers sang and danced for us. Truly, it was amazing in every sense of it. This way truly a memorable day for day for each one of us!

In the month of December, then month of Christmas, we had the interclass Carol Singing Competition in which each class sang a medley of carols. After a few weeks, the intercollegiate Gospel fest “Crescens” which was held on the 19th of December was also a success. The Aicuf unit of our college had put up this fest.

I’d like to especially thank Sr. Lousia, for all her care, guidance, love and for always being there for each one of us. I also want to thank Sr. Nathalia and Sr. Crystal for their advice and support. We couldn’t have done anything if it weren’t for you all.

I am very thankful to this college and the management, and also the teachers as well as the non teaching staff for all the support and help extended by them in moulding each one of us into better students. I want to especially thank the unsung heroes of our college, the non teaching staff for always extending their help whenever we needed it, especially Elizabeth Rosaline ma’am for always being there for me and showing her love and kindness towards each one of us.

I thank the union – classy, clam and energetic Lisa George; quick witted, dynamic and cray Shamabtha Manogaran; upbeat, creative and reliable Nidhi Shetty and the sporty Takewondo Champ Hera. I would also like to thank my friends and all my college mates and my juniors for believing in me and being there for me. Above all, I would like to thank God Almighty for His grace on us.

I am one of the few lucky ones to have been part of this beautiful college and this two years’ stay in JNC has definitely changed my life and has a great impact on me by making me more confident and realizing my potentials. This exposed all of us, thereby building a sense of courage, morale and intelligence in each one of us.

Thus I would like to end by quoting the words of Dean Robertson, “Every story has an, but in life, every end is but a new beginning in life.”
– Irene Ann Koshy