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Students Welfare Committee Report

Students Welfare Committee Report

The Student welfare Committee of Jyoti Nivas Pre-university College caters to the effective learning of all its students, especially to those of the needy and underprivileged of our society, who wish to pursue their education comfortably.

The committee runs a Book Bank to provide text books to deserving students. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Principal Sr.Louisa, the committee was able to secure a good number of text books of the new NCERT syllabus which is being followed from this year. These books proved extremely useful to our students, as they were able to study better and thus obtain good results in their exams.

The committee also provides Midday Meals to deserving students throughout the academic year, in collaboration with the college canteen.

The committee is involved in the allocation of Fee Concessions for students coming from economically weaker sections and single parent families. Scholarships are offered to those students with good academic records and for those who wish to continue their studies in spite of financial constraints. Installment facility it difficult to pay the full fees.

During Christmas, in the spirit of giving and sharing with one another, the committee gifted new clothes to these students, so as to ensure that they experienced the warmth and joy of the season like everyone else!

Like all previous years, we hope we’ve made a difference in the lives of our students, this year too.