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Western Acoustic Team Report

Western Acoustic Team Report

Everyone has an artist in them. Their ability may differ from each person however, the pure joy of performing whatever it may be, painting, dance, theatre, photography, playing an instrument or an instrument we’re naturally gifted with, our voice, there is such joy and fulfillment in doing what we’re best at.

At Jyoti Nivas Pre University College we have many extra curricular activities. Highlighting one of them is, ‘Our Choir’ or simply put: Our hang out zone”

Here is where we got to just spend time with our friends and what better way than to, sing. We’re a vibrant bunch of girls that love to sing our hearts out and we’ve had a wonderful journey this year. From just a handful of seniors to over 40 students. It’s been great just singing and making good harmony.

We love our practice sessions and we’ve sure put it to good use this year. This year has been very eventful performing at various events such as our Orientation, Inaugural mass, Artemis 2012, Divine Retreat Centre, Magnificat. “HUMANITAS” St. Joseph’s Art and Science College and “Gloria” (Indian Catholic youth movement)

All these practices in “Our hang out Zone” have sure has been fun and exciting but there has been a lot of hard work too. All this exposure has really got us to learn so much musically, about ourselves, to work in a group, we’ve learnt to make friends and work out our differences.

A stage to perform can give young girls a world of change in believing in who they are and what they can be. For being a small team and achieving something that we have, there has to be a lot of credit given to a lot of people, our Miss. Monica, she has been supportive and balanced being a teacher and a good friend to us and we’ve learnt so much form her and all the support from Ms. Preethi Noronha. Her presence is quiet but she instills confidence and assurance that we thrive on and our main pillar of support our Beloved Principal. Sister Louisa Sebastian ever supporting and encouraging.

Here’s to a lovely start for many more years of wonderful, talented and aspiring young artists to come find the artist in themselves.
– Elita Persis Chander