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Western Dance Team

Western Dance Team

Passion towards dance brought us together. We, like an assorted box of chocolates, have Perlita; our very own Shakira, Neha ; our Power House, Arathi our Super Mallu, Veena; our Power House, Arathi our Super Mallu , Veena; our B-girl, Aleena; our Bollywood Queen and Tamara; our backbone, our choreograph. She has always been creative and comes up with new ideas that have held our interest in dance firmly. Which also in turn helped us bring laurels to our college.

The year began with auditions. Fresh new talent was recruited into the team. We warmly welcomed our juniors, Deane, Mariya and Vanessa. They have been with us loyally throughout our endeavors.

Since the formation of J1N1 2012 – 2013, we have been together practicing and having fun at our favorite spot, outside the Auditorium. We’ve not only been team mates but also good friends.

The first fest was held at Sindhi college where Perlita participated for western solo and then came Bishop Conttons fest where we bagged the fourth place among both degree and PU colleges. Jain Jaynagar was where we got our first trophy, encouraging us to work harder and think out of the box. Then came New Horizon college fest being the last fest was our final chance and we participated in all the dance events bagging 2nd place in group dance and Tamara came 3rd in electric heels. Also we were the only girls team in the finals of the dance off. We got plenty of opportunities to dance in college as well, making this year one of the finest and most memorable.

We thank Jyoti Nivas College for giving us the platflorm to showcase our talents and also our teachers Preethi ma’am and Bhagya ma’am for being supportive and encouraging.

Finally we wish our juniors the very best of luck in keeping the J1N1 banner flying high and soaring to greater heights with determination. Dedication and most important the passion towards dance!