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Freshie Queen
  • 29 July 2022

The Freshie queen contest was conducted on 29th July 2022 as an opportunity for IPU students to showcase their extraordinary talents and introduce themselves to their seniors.

Over 300 students registered for the contest, out of which 20 were short listed.

The theme for this year’s Freshie Queen was “DISCO EUPHORIA”. The students and teachers alike came dressed adhering to theme of the day.

Mr Aleser Murtaza and Mrs Vaishali Rodrigues judged the contestants who were dressed as celebrities from the Met Gala 2020 and 2021. The first round was creative introduction and talents exhibition round after which 5 contestants were selected for the final round. Among the five, Ms. Devadarshini from I PCMB B was crowned as Freshie Queen and Ms. Jasmeen Kaur C from I HESP was crowned as the Freshie Princess. The I HESP class was awarded the best dressed class according to the theme, and the teachers who exhibited the theme in their attire were also acknowledged