Declarations 2023-24

⬤ Students should be regular and punctual in attending all classes. General discipline should be maintained during class hours, assemblies, and activities.

⬤ Students must be present every day in their respective classrooms at 8:40 a.m. for the first bell.

⬤ A “Late Pass” will be issued by the Discipline Committee to the latecomers. Without the late pass, students will not be allowed to enter the class. The late pass will only permit the students to attend the class but will be marked absent on the roll for that day.

⬤ Students must wear their ID Card throughout the working hours on the campus.

⬤ 80% attendance in each subject is mandatory for students to appear for the tests and examinations.

⬤ Students who absent themselves on medical grounds should produce the medical certificate as soon as they come back. A medical certificate, however, does not entitle the students to attendance.

⬤ Class tests and examinations conducted by the College are compulsory for promotion.

⬤ Leave of absence from the College should be obtained from the authority concerned. If the absence is more than two days, students must get the leave note signed by the Principal

⬤ Students will not be allowed to wear headscarves inside the PU block.

⬤ Colouring of hair is not allowed

⬤ Sleeveless, short tops and any other revealing clothes are strictly prohibited.

⬤ Attendance for value education classes is compulsory.

⬤ Use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden and when confiscated they will not be returned.

⬤ Misbehaviour of any nature in the classroom or on the campus will lead to suspension.

⬤ Remedial classes are compulsory for all the students who score below 50% marks in the term examinations.

⬤ PTA meetings will be conducted twice a year and all the parents must be present for these meetings. The marks card of the students will be handed over to the parents personally during the PTA.

⬤ Students are admitted to the College on the understanding that they undertake to abide by the general rules and regulations of the College. These are framed, not to restrict their freedom, but to enable them to make best possible use of all the facilities and to participate in all academic and cultural activities organised in the College.

⬤ The selected candidate will be enrolled and admitted after the payment of fees.

⬤ Fee should be paid on or before the date notified in the College failing which admission will be cancelled.

⬤ Fees once paid will not be refunded

⬤ Admission is only for one year. Re-admission is done based on the academic performance and conduct of the student.

⬤ Reaching late to College in the morning after 8.30 a.m is not encouraged.

⬤ Mobile phone on the campus and within the class room is strictly forbidden

Students are not permitted to wear head scarf or any other religious attire inside the class rooms.

A student must put in a minimum of 80% of attendance in every subject, taking theory and practical as separate units

⬤ Those who violate rules and regulations pertaining to the discipline of the College will be dismissed immediately.

⬤ Declaration

⬤ I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the College. In case of violation of any rule, I will take personalresponsibility to bear the consequences.