Declarations 2024-25

1. Students should be regular and punctual in attending all classes. General discipline should be maintained during class hours, assemblies, and activities.

2. Students must be present every day in their respective classrooms at 8:30 a.m. for the first bell.

3. A “Late Pass” will be issued by the Discipline Committee to the latecomers. Without the late pass, students will not be allowed to enter the class.

4. 80% attendance in each subject, is mandatory for a student to appear for the tests and examinations (theory and practical considered as separate units for CEBA, PCMB and PCMC).

5. A notice through registered post will be sent from the college for students with acute shortage.

6. Students who absent themselves on medical grounds should produce the medical certificate as soon as they come back. A medical certificate, however, does not entitle the students to attendance.

7. Class tests and examinations conducted by the College are compulsory for internal assessment.

8. Leave of absence from the College should be obtained from the authority concerned. If the absence is more than two days, students must get the leave note signed by the class mentors.

9. College follows a strict dress code. Students must wear complete college uniform with the ID card, on all the working days.

10. Students will not be allowed to wear headscarves or any other religious attire inside the PU block.

11. Colouring of hair is not allowed. Students must keep their hair neat, tidy and well combed. Hair must be tied up or braided if the length exceeds the shoulder.

12. Attendance for value education classes is compulsory.

13. Use of mobile phones, ear buds and smart watches are strictly forbidden inside the classroom and in the educational block, when confiscated will not be returned.

14. Misbehaviour of any nature in the classroom or on the campus will lead to suspension.

15. Remedial classes are compulsory for all the students who score below 50% marks in the term examinations.

16. Parents Teachers meetings will be conducted twice a year and all the parents must be present for these meetings. The marks card of the students will be handed over to the parents personally during the PTM.

17. Name list of students who fall under attendance shortage will be displayed on the notice board on the last day of every month.

18. Students are admitted to the College on the understanding that they undertake to abide by the general rules and regulations of the College. These are framed, not to restrict their freedom, but to enable them to make best possible use of all the facilities and to participate in all academic and cultural activities organised in the College.

19. The selected candidate will be enrolled and admitted after the payment of fees.

20. Fees should be paid on or before the date notified in the College failing which admission will be cancelled.

21. Admission is only for one year. Re-admission is done for the second year based on the academic performance and conduct of the student.

22. Those who violate rules and regulations pertaining to the discipline of the College will be dismissed immediately.

I give assurance that my Ward will observe the rules and regulations of the college and of the PU department faithfully. I will monitor my Ward's conduct, attendance and academic progress. I will ensure that my Ward will strictly follow the dress code and attendance regulations and take full responsibility for her behaviour.

I also declare that all the above particulars filled are correct and I shall be solely responsible for consequences arising due to any discrepancy found in it.